ASSEMBLE Protocol’s ASM Token Is Officially Listed on Coinbase and

The revolutionary blockchain-based global point integration platform ASSEMBLE Protocol has announced the listing of its utility token ASM on Coinbase, which has been followed swiftly after the ASM-USD and ASM-USDT pairs were enabled on Coinbase Pro. It is highly expected that this development is going to further boost the global adoption of ASM token and also expose it to the larger potential user base across different countries with its latest listing developments.

ASM Listed on

As the leading mainstream cryptocurrency exchange in the United States, Coinbase has become a standard on-ramp for new crypto investors. Coinbase is the NASDAQ listed cryptocurrency exchange, that offers a wide variety of products including cryptocurrency investing, an advanced trading platform, custodial accounts for institutions, a wallet for retail investors, and its own U.S. dollar stable-coin.

Coinbase has recently released an announcement that it now supports the ASM-USD and ASM-USDT pairs on both of its platforms, Coinbase and Coinbase Pro. The announcement was contained in an official press release on October 21,2021. It should be noted that, ASM has been included to the Coinbase Custody earlier this year.

ASSEMBLE Protocol noted that ASM had met the liquidity conditions required by Coinbase during the pre-listing phase. With the listing, ASM holders are now able to deposit, trade, exchange and withdraw their tokens on the Coinbase exchange in both crypto and fiat pairs.

It also represents a major development for ASSEMBLE Protocol given Coinbase standing in the crypto industry. Coinbase is the second-largest centralized crypto exchange and processes over $6 billion worth of crypto assets daily. The U.S Exchange also has 68 million verified users in 100 countries and recently got listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange.

ASSEMBLE Protocol hopes that the listing will increase traction in its ecosystem and lead to major adoption of the ASM token. The Coinbase effect has already occurred, with ASM price increasing by 200% in the past 24 hours. In addition, the transaction volume of ASM has also spiked by 26,000% during this period.

ASM Listed on

ASSEMBLE Protocol has also listed ASM token on conducted the listing of the ASM/USDT and ASM/ETH pairs on its trading platforms. Trading went live from October 22, 2021, and users are now able to deposit, withdraw and trade ASM tokens.

The listing on also shows the high-level of interest towards ASM token, as is the sixth-largest centralized exchange based on trading volume and has 4 million users in 120 countries globally. It is expected that listing on will also provide more options for users to purchase and hold ASM tokens.

An innovative Blockchain platform

ASSEMBLE Protocol has continued to receive plaudits from the crypto community about its innovative products and features. The blockchain platform provides point integration for organizations and allows loyalty points to be converted into its native ASM token using a single unified wallet.

Users can spend their points to purchase goods and services in the ASSEMBLE Marketplace or convert their points into ASM tokens that can be exchanged for fiat on supported exchanges.

ASSEMBLE has inked strategic collaborations with and clubpass. The two e-commerce platforms have 750,000 users, 3,500 shopping malls and 181 club affiliates.

ASSEMBLE has also developed mobile apps that provide an optimized experience for iOS and Android users. It recently launched a desktop version for the ASSEMBLE wallet that will enable users to perform transactions directly from their computers.