Rakuten TV And VICE Studios Explore The Impact Of Blockchain In Our Daily Lives With New Original Docuseries

Rakuten TV and VICE Studios are set to produce a new documentary series exploring different emerging technologies that will soon affect our daily lives. The fascinating 5-episode series will explore 5 main topics; Lab Grown Meat, Space Cleaners, Cyborgs, Nuclear Fusion and Blockchain.

But, what about the future of economics? It is already happening, in the field of what is broadly known as ‘cryptocurrencies’. In the Blockchain episode, the upcoming original co-production will deep dive into this new but rapidly growing concept, also known as virtual money, and its possible uses.

For this episode, Rakuten TV and VICE Studios will highlight many of the possible uses of blockchain technology, by following the journey of DigitalBits and how it is becoming the Blockchain for brands across industries, including sports and entertainment, luxury, finance and others.

Teresa López, Head of Content at Rakuten TV stated: “We are committed to tell stories that reflect our values: empowerment, optimism and innovation. This documentary series will bring to our users 5 stories of how innovation improves our lives and society. Innovative members of the DigitalBits ecosystem are perfectly connected with the storytelling that will develop in this project.”

Dan Bowen, Executive Producer for VICE Studios said: “We are excited to partner with Rakuten TV on this unique project to bring new insights in the Blockchain field to audiences around the world.”

Al Burgio, Founder of the DigitalBits blockchain said: “The blockchain and the cryptocurrency industry have grown exponentially. It is a great honor to have Rakuten TV and VICE Studios, two powerhouse media companies recognize the emergence of this industry and how brands have begun to embrace the DigitalBits blockchain.”

Blockchain will have a clear impact on economics and the way customers and brands consume or sell products. For this reason, Rakuten TV and the DigitalBits Foundation are in conversations to explore possible future collaborations.

The documentary series is produced by Dan Bowen. It will come to Rakuten TV in 2022, available free and exclusively on the platform in 43 European countries.