Next generation blockchain ad tech announces official launch in Northern Arizona

Blockchain Exchange Network, Inc. (BEN) is excited to announce its official beta launch in Northern Arizona on January 17, 2022. BEN is a next generation platform designed to optimize ad space by giving consumers control of their data. Unlike existing advertising that can be irrelevant, invasive, and exploitative, BEN presents a uniquely privacy-oriented advertising solution that delivers relevant engagements catered to the interests and needs of consumers, played in the right place at the right time, while rewarding them and protecting their data.

Tyler Luck, Co-Founder of BEN, says he is “incredibly proud of what we have created. Up until now, people have lost control of their data. It has been left in the hands of Big Tech. BEN enables people to seamlessly collect their data in a secured environment and determine when and where it is shared while remaining anonymous. Another unique feature of BEN is that we provide individuals the opportunity to earn from their data by opting into our privacy-preserving ad network, entirely at their discretion.”

The company prides itself on consumer privacy so individuals using the platform remain completely anonymous. In this way, the ad network allows local businesses to target users based on behaviors, locations, actions, and events without compromising their privacy or trust. BEN’s patented one-to-one targeting technology also means anonymous consumers opted into the network only receive relevant engagements and offers.

As Luck points out “we won’t receive those persistent prescription drug ads for conditions we don’t have and we won’t get those insurance ads for coverage we don’t need. Engagements should be meaningful; otherwise, they are a waste of time for the consumer and a waste of ad spend for the advertisers”.

Through BEN, optimized ads are delivered just-in-time through any device or platform. They play over radio during drive-time, over streamed content while at home or on the go, and over published content while browsing online. When participating consumers listen or view these ads, they earn personalized giveaways, rewards, and redeemable tokens that can be used at participating retailers.

BEN is also a fraud-free network and advertisers only pay when a communication, promotion, or engagement has been delivered to a participating consumer. This means businesses are no longer charged for ads never delivered, which represents a significant advantage over digital advertising alternatives like Facebook and Google that are prone to ad fraud and ad blockers.

BEN has recently entered into a strategic partnership with Great Circle Media, which owns and operates seven radio stations in Northern Arizona, including 92.9 KAFF Country, Magic 99.1, 93.9 The Mountain, and KAFF News. Steve Hoshor, VP of Sales at Great Circle Media, believes this is an “absolute game-changer for the radio industry. Not only does this present new revenue opportunities and new markets previously inaccessible to radio, but it also gives us an unprecedented understanding of our listener base. What really excites us is that this levels the playing field for local businesses who have not been able to access radio in the past.”

These sentiments are echoed by internationally recognized innovator in artificial intelligence, signal processing and data security, and Co-Founder of BEN, Patrick Nunally PhD, who notes “BEN’s technology transforms the relationship between businesses and their customers by making them individually relevant to each other. For over thirty years, audience measurement technologies used in radio and television have had limited success in statistically grouping people. BEN, on the other hand, utilizes pioneering AI, and blockchain technologies to allow businesses and customers to truly understand each other.”

In this increasingly data-driven and data-dependent world, businesses and consumers need to own their data and harness it in the ways best meeting their needs. That is precisely what BEN seeks to achieve: unlocking data potential for every device, person, business, and platform. Data should not be left in the hands of tech giants who exploit it to their own advantage.