Eva, the Montreal startup, raises $1.2M to expand its delivery software and franchise it across Canada

The round was led by an American group of industry and technology experts called Eva Investment, with participation from the Government of Canada and existing investor Progitech. The capital will be used to expand the go-to-market function, strengthen the team, and accelerate product development.

Launched in 2019, Eva provides businesses with the ability to offer on-demand deliveries by seamlessly integrating into online ordering platforms. Ultimately, providing their end-customers with branded real-time tracking and end-to-end visibility to substantially improve the overall digital commerce experience.

Over the last year, Eva successfully completed 165K+ deliveries from 1.5K+ restaurants and retailers through a network of 3K+ registered drivers, culminating in a growth of 700%. All of this powered by blockchain technology.

“It’s now possible for any restaurant and retailer to offer on-demand delivery to their customers through their own websites” mentions co-founder Raphaël Gaudreault, adding that it only requires a simple integration.

Through its decentralized business model and built-in governance, Eva is redefining gig economy with a new social contract. Indeed, Eva enables cooperatives and franchises to effectively and successfully compete in their local market, at scale.

  • +1.5K+ restaurants and retailers
  • 3K+ registered drivers
  • 165K+ completed deliveries
  • 1.2M in funding