Offchain Labs and Espresso Systems Partner to Bring Transaction Ordering Technology to Ethereum Rollups

Today, Espresso Systems and Offchain Labs announced that they have formed a partnership towards bringing decentralized and open shared sequencing technology to Ethereum rollups. The collaboration will see the teams undertake joint research on Timeboost, a transaction-ordering design previously proposed by Offchain Labs, and will support technical integrations between the Arbitrum technology stack, Timeboost ordering, […]

SpaceSeven to Launch a Game-changing NFT Marketplace

Switzerland, Zug, 24.11.2021: SpaceSeven — one of the few — if not the only scaled e-commerce, fully regulatory compliant NFT marketplace is expected to launch on November 23, 2021. The groundbreaking platform is built by Tacans, a Swiss-based Software development house, and Venture Builder, with an R&D center in Ukraine, on the Concordium blockchain platform. […]

Narkasa, an Innovative, Safe and Fast Cryptocurrency Exchange Launches Operations


The cryptocurrency industry is always evolving, leading to increased awareness and popularity of Bitcoin and other crypto-assets. Among the leading areas of innovation in this emerging ecosystem is the evolution and sophistication of new cryptocurrency exchanges. A lot of existing exchanges create own and limited value proposition to its users, for instance, offering trade tutorials, […]

First Scalable Enterprise Solutions Leveraging the Value of Public Blockchain


In early 2019, the business standards company BSI partnered up exclusively with Trace Labs, the core developers of OriginTrail, to deliver blockchain-enabled solutions. With such solutions, the British Standards Institution (BSI) seeks to enhance its global assurance, certification, and supply chain services by ensuring the integrity of digital records. In collaboration with Trace Labs, BSI […]

Iran Crypto Developers Launch Platform for Flood-victim Aid

Iran Crypto

When a massive natural disaster strikes in most countries, the global community takes notice, comes together and sends humanitarian aid, including financial donations. But sending aid to heavily sanctioned Iran isn’t so simple. After Iran suffered devastating floods this spring that left an estimated two million people in need of humanitarian assistance, the Iranian Red Crescent Society (IRCS) said […]

EETH Could Rally If $116 Support Holds

Recently, ETH price climbed above the $125 resistance made an attempt to break $128 against the US Dollar. However, the ETH/USD pair failed to gain strength above the $128 resistance and later declined. It moved below the $125 and $123 support levels. More importantly, there was a break below the $121 level and the 100 […]

POTS Are the New ICOs and WeBuy Is Leading the March

WeBuy introduces the very first on-demand advertising platform, based on a complex web of Buyer Referral Networks (BRN), completely created and governed by users of the platform. Entering a $250 billion market, WeBuy gets rid of unnecessary third parties and doesn’t put itself in the middle. The buyer’s private information is never revealed to sellers […]

ETH Buyers Not Out of Woods Yet

After an increase in the bearish sentiment, ETH price dropped towards the $118 support against the US Dollar. The ETH/USD pair found a lot of buyers near the $117-118 zone, resulting in a decent upside correction. The price jumped sharply above the $120, $124 and $127 levels. Buyers were successful in piercing the 50% Fib […]

XRP and xRapid Success Disprove Critics

Sometimes back, news had it that Ripple may be in advanced stages preparing to roll out a product called Convergence. By integrating xCurrent, xRapid and xVia, into one seamless format, clients would conveniently ride on a certified secure and fast network. Though there was no official collaboration from Ripple endorsing comments from the Director of […]

ETH Calm A Day After Constantinople Delay

It is official, Constantinople is off. However, how the Ethereum Foundation and other developers failed to spot a weakness allowing Chain Security, to successfully split open the underlying code and expose potentially catastrophic errors begs more questions than answers. A level deeper and did it take Smart Security five hours to run analysis and publish […]