BounceBit, a BTC restaking infrastructure, launches mainnet

BounceBit has announced its official mainnet launch. Since its Water Margin TVL Event released in late January 2024, BounceBit has amassed approximately $1 billion in Total Value Locked (TVL) and nearly 400,000 early contributors. The BounceBit Mainnet launch introduces a host of new functionalities accessible via their updated portal. Here’s a highlight of what you […]

Introducing BounceBit Testnet Phase 2: App Store

Following the success of BounceBit Testnet: BounceClub East-to-West Event launched on March 8, 2024, BounceBit announces the rollout of BounceBit Testnet Phase 2: App Store. While the previously launched Testnet BounceClub Event will operate as usual without any changes, BounceBit Testnet Phase 2 highlights BounceBit App Store’s features and encourages developers to deploy on the […]

Introducing BounceBit testnet: BounceClub East-to-West Event

BounceBit introduced early access with The Water Margin Event on January 30, 2024, inviting early contributors to boost Total Value Locked (TVL) and earn BounceBit points in return. Achieving remarkable milestones, BounceBit’s TVL soared to over $600 million within a month, complemented by securing $6 million in seed funding from leading investors Blockchain Capital and […]