Bitcoin Core and Credit Card

Credit Card

Bitcoin Core developers are expected to advocate the use of the cryptocurrency protocol they help to maintain. Jimmy Song’s invocation to use credit cards, where possible, has thus been greeted with incredulity in some quarters. “If you want to use bitcoin as a method of payment,” he began his tweet, implying that there was something […]

Bitcoin Core Upgrade ‘Critical’ for Everyone, Urge Developers in Bug Disclosure

Bitcoin Core

Bitcoin Core developers published a “full disclosure” of the vulnerability affecting several implementations of the Bitcoin (BTC) client Friday, September 21, repeating calls for all nodes to upgrade to the latest version as a priority. In addition to technical details about the bug, known as CVE-2018-17144, the disclosure explains how developers dealt with the threat […]

Bitcoin Cash ‘Chain-Splitting’ Bug was Detected by Bitcoin Core


It has emerged that the “unknown person” who notified Bitcoin ABC developers of a vulnerability in Bitcoin Cash which would have resulted in the unintended split of the altcoin’s network is actually a Bitcoin Core (bitcoin’s primary software implementation) developer. In a Medium blog post, Corey Fields revealed that he was responsible for anonymously and […]