Celestia Is First Modular Data Availability Network to Integrate with Arbitrum Orbit

The Arbitrum Foundation, along with the Celestia Foundation, today announced that Celestia is the first modular data availability (DA) network to integrate into Arbitrum Orbit and the full Nitro stack. The integration offers developers the option to publish data to Abritrum One, Abritrum Nova, and now, Celestia. Arbitrum Orbit lets developers create their own dedicated […]

Offchain Labs Brings Multi-Language Support via Arbitrum Stylus

Offchain Labs, the initial contributor to Arbitrum, today released the code and testnet for Arbitrum Stylus, a new technical implementation that allows developers to build smart contracts in Rust, C, and C++, alongside previously offered EVM languages. Multi-language support encourages developers to build on Arbitrum Nitro, the leading scaling solution for Ethereum, by utilizing the […]

Yield IQ Announces Launch on Arbitrum

Maximizing earnings from liquidity provision and strengthening the Arbitrum ecosystem August 31, 2023 — Yield IQ, the revolutionary liquidity provision tool that seeks to unlock new revenue streams for cryptocurrency token holders, is now live on the Arbitrum chain. Developed by a team of visionary developers and innovators in the DeFi space, Yield IQ limits […]

Nuon “Flatcoin” Goes Live: Cost of living-linked cryptocurrency launches on Arbitrum

The Nuon Protocol has announced the launch of its mainnet for the NUON flatcoin: the world’s first cryptocurrency linked to an unbiased cost of living index. Decentralized and overcollateralized, Nuon will go live on the leading Ethereum scaling solution, Arbitrum. The concept of a flatcoin has been frequently discussed by crypto founders like Brian Armstrong, […]