Alchemy Pay Joins Stellar Ecosystem to Offer Ramp Service for Developers and dApps

Alchemy Pay joins the Stellar ecosystem as a new on and off-ramp provider. It is now possible for companies building on the Stellar network to access Alchemy Pay’s on and off-ramps for convenient fiat-crypto purchases of XLM and USDC. This integration brings the opportunity for developers and dApps within the Stellar ecosystem to seamlessly integrate […]

Alchemy Pay and zkMe – Transforming KYC With Zkme’s Innovative zkKYC Solution to Provide Privacy-Preserving and Compliant Onboarding

Alchemy Pay and zkMe team up to bring groundbreaking privacy-preserving KYC solutions to onboard users in a compliant, safe and secure manner through the zkMe identity oracle. Overview zkMe is an end-to-end zk proof and decentralized identity oracle Alchemy Pay will start accepting zkMe’s privacy-preserving KYC, AML, and compliance related onboarding services Through this collaboration, […]

Alchemy Pay Deploys on Polygon zkEVM as an Early Stage On-Ramp Provider

Alchemy Pay is deploying its payment services on Polygon’s new zkEVM chain, to be one of the first fiat-crypto on-ramp providers to support the zkEVM ecosystem. Users of the network from all over the globe can now purchase cryptocurrencies using their preferred local fiat payment methods. Developers building on the new zero-knowledge proof network can […]

Alchemy Pay wins Web3 Innovation Pioneer Award from Forbes

Fiat-crypto payment gateway Alchemy Pay and its co-founder and majority shareholder, Shawn Shi,have been officially recognised by Forbes with the Web3 Innovation Pioneer award on 11 January. The Singapore-based payment solutions provider has a major research and development hub across Asia that has pioneered new payment systems at the very edge of modern fintech – […]