This Lifestyle NFT is set to disrupt luxury credit card brands

As the world’s first VIP lifestyle NFT, The Mine creates a unique network that offers its 2500 cardholders exclusive access to a wide range of luxury services, benefits and rewards; anywhere in the world. “From private aircraft, yacht charters, high end homes, or planning bespoke experiences such as restaurant reservations or chauffeur services, there is no request too big or too small for our cardholders,” says Ronald Petruska, The Mine’s founder.

Petruska is no stranger to curating luxury experiences for private clients having founded Veluxity in 2015, an exotic car rental agency with locations all over the United States including New York City and Miami. Veluxity eventually branched out to offering its clients a broader suite of experiences worldwide ranging from luxury home rental, luxury transportation, yachts, & private aircraft. “There has been a lot of attention on the NFT space recently as businesses experiment with various use cases for this new technology. The creation of The Mine stems from our belief that there is an inherent need for an NFT that offers its holders utility. We are the first member card service with real world utility for anything luxury.”

The Mine offers an array of member card designs in its NFT collection which are all reminiscent of its precious metal counterpart in the physical world. These precious metals include: Rhodium, Rhenium, Ruthenium, Iridium, Gold, Rose Gold, Palladium and Osmium. Some cards are more digitally scarce than others, with over 50 different design combinations to choose from. And what about the service? “Think American Express Centurion-level concierge service, but membership is capped at only 2500 cards with these cards also being actively traded/valued by the free market” says Petruska.

The member card NFTs act as an access point to The Mine’s private community of cardholders, 24/7 concierge service, payments in crypto for services rendered, priority access to all future collections from The Mine, NFT rewards based on services rendered and private in person/meta verse events. ” Our vision for The Mine is to become the premiere luxury member card NFT service for the Crypto and meta verse space”.