RFOX Launches New RFOX NFTs Platform, Invites Artists to the RFOX VALT Grants Program

The new beta version of the RFOX NFTs platform provides artists, creators, and businesses with a one-stop platform for their NFT creation needs. To further support artists, RFOX is inviting them to join the RFOX VALT Grants Program and benefit from up to $10,000 USD in funding for the creation of artworks to be offered in the RFOX VALT metaverse.

3rd Feb 2022 – Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam – Metaverse company RFOX today announced the public launch of the RFOX NFTs platform, empowering artists, creators, and businesses to simply create NFTs without worrying about the technical complications involved. RFOX NFTs, which recently started its beta launch, is a one-stop platform built with the essential features needed to create, organize, and sell NFTs in an easy and convenient manner.

As a key part of the RFOX ecosystem of metaverse-related products and services, RFOX NFTs offers an end-to-end white-label creation, website, marketplace, and shared liquidity pool platform. Through the RFOX NFTs platform, RFOX bridges the gap between technical competency and market opportunity for NFT creators.


The RFOX NFTs platform features a dashboard with tools for making new NFT projects, deploying smart contracts for NFT creation, importing existing NFT collections, customizing NFT sale widgets, and building custom-made NFT marketplaces, with more features to come soon.

Furthermore, RFOX NFTs opens more opportunities for creators to build their own NFT projects and marketplaces. This addresses some sought-after features in the NFT industry and encourages the spread of more avenues for creation, promotion, price discovery, and distribution of NFTs amid constantly increasing demand for such services.

NFTs, short for non-fungible tokens, recently emerged as a main growth driver for the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry. About $41 billion worth of cryptocurrency was spent on NFT marketplaces and collections in 2021, a 410x rise from just $100 million in 2020. Given the global popularity of NFTs, creators and companies from different industries are proactively exploring opportunities to get in on the NFT action.

The beta launch of RFOX NFTs builds upon the accomplishment of several key milestones for RFOX’s NFT venture last year. RFOX NFTs powered the launch of the A$AP NAST x Reebok Zig Kinetica II Edge NFT collection and the Miss Universe Philippines NFT Collection, as well as the offering of virtual land in the RFOX VALT metaverse. With a proven track record of working with major partners such as Reebok, Miss Universe Philippines, and VOID Cyber, RFOX NFTs further expands its reach to more creators through this newly-launched platform.

Ben Fairbank, Co-Founder and CEO of RFOX, said: “We are proud to introduce the first major product launch of 2022 for RFOX: the RFOX NFT platform. This beta launch will showcase the world-class NFT solutions we provided to Reebok, Miss Universe Philippines, and VOID Cyber, to more artists and companies worldwide. We believe that NFTs will continue to grow in market capitalization and global presence, and at RFOX, we’re at the forefront of driving further growth for the industry. We invite artists, creators, and businesses to join us in spearheading the future of NFTs.”

The RFOX NFTs platform will be available in beta access in early February, followed by a full launch soon. NFT creators will be able to access the platform through their RFOX IDs. Interested parties can register on the RFOX NFTs website to gain beta access to the platform.

RFOX VALT Grants Program

Alongside its recent beta launch of RFOX NFTs, RFOX has also extended an invitation to creators around the world to join the RFOX VALT Grants Program, which gives qualified creators up to $10,000 to jumpstart their NFT projects.

This grant program provides funding support to promising NFT creators and artists who want to enter the metaverse and launch their art collections on our very own NFT platform in the RFOX VALT metaverse. With the conclusion of virtual land sales for two quarters in the RFOX VALT last year, the RFOX VALT metaverse Is quickly taking shape, and it opens significant opportunities for artists around the world to leverage the metaverse for their creation and distribution of game-changing NFTs.

Aside from funding support worth up to $10,000, the RFOX VALT Grants Program also gives creators access to technical support from the RFOX VALT team, which will guide artists in every step needed to feature their artworks in the metaverse, as well as global promotions of these NFTs to RFOX’s thriving community and the general public.

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