Play, Create, Share and Thrive in the Alien Worlds Metaverse!

Players of the Alien Worlds Metaverse can now visit the Metaversal Art Space, an informal workspace offering inspiration and support, where through the end of the year, NFTs on the WAX blockchain can be created and sent to players for free.

Creators with an entrepreneurial spirit can use this opportunity to build a player community around their characters, art, music, sports, tech, games, and projects by giving their NFTs to Alien Worlds players through EOSUSA Games Butler Service, where their work can become a part of the Metaverse.

This collaboration among player communities and the Alien Worlds game may become the foundation of extending game mechanics to communities for their players, as well. The goal is to extend the success of the Alien Worlds Metaverse to people who want to create and connect their NFT collections to other players, and possibly game utility, making the Metaverse more useful and rewarding.

“The decentralized Alien Worlds Metaverse makes it possible for people to play, create, share and thrive,” says Lisa Chandler, an Alien Worlds core community member. “Those who are interested in experimenting with new ways to succeed using NFTs can take advantage of this free opportunity to play and create in the Metaverse.”

People with no previous knowledge of NFTs, or with varying skill levels can join the Telegram Metaversal Art Space group and website, where other community members can help to guide them through the process of creating and becoming involved.