Paysenger: an ambitious project of 2022

The paradox of our time: there is too much information, but it has become more difficult to find something really valuable. Our attention needs a filter that will weed out superficial information, but will leave important content and valuable contacts.

Paysenger – – is a universal solution for paid communication. The service helps you to communicate directly with experts, celebrities and owners of unique knowledge. Paysenger allows opinion leaders to monetize their attention in a new way, while investors are offered to invest in a token named EGO.

Moreover, Paysenger will attract millions of internet users to NFC technology who want direct communication with the popular people.

Money and attention of newcomers will flood the NFT market. Consequently, all participants of the crypto world will benefit: both investors and entrepreneurs.


Challenges of modern times

Humankind has a problem. Our attention is overloaded. It is really hard to find valuable information in free and useless content than a needle in a haystack.

The world has already changed and other new changes are waiting for us. About 15 years ago you wouldn’t have been able to find highly specialized information fast enough. Online content was poor and hard to access. Public libraries, handwritten notes, scanners, printers are the innovations of the old world.

Fast internet and smartphones have changed the game. Now everyone can quickly find any information, but the quality of information is poor.

  • Where can we find health content without scary diagnoses?
  • How to prepare a report if the data differ in the free sources?
  • How to choose an online course for learning new skills without the content from the open resources?

We need more than just information. We need high-quality information from experts who have been developing within their field for years.

The world yearns for paid communication. The overloaded attention requires relevant filters. In a nutshell, it’s time to clean up our common house and we know how to do it.


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At the head of paid communication trend

Paysenger monetizes communication. In a world with the fastest-growing relations and unchanged attention span, Paysenger creates new ethics of communication.

Paysenger will help you to get a quick consultation with scientists, experts, and specialists in the field you need. You will get direct access to the experience of people who have spent tens of thousands of hours on their examination.

Furthermore, you will be able to communicate with your favorite artists, musicians or bloggers whom you cannot reach through first-generation social media.

The service helps easily to find the right person. It provides the “menu” of his/her services with prices, guarantees the quality and security of communication.

How it works:

  • Register and select an expert;
  • Make a request for an expert and pay for communication;
  • The expert will approve or reject the request;
  • Communication can be in the format of chat or video chat, stream;
  • The expert will receive the money after the communication takes place.

These are not all the benefits of the Paysenger ecosystem. After communication with a famous person, the user becomes the owner of unique information. You can make money on it.


NFT will be a worldwide trend

Paysenger is personal and exclusive communication. Is there more unique content than the content converted into an NFT token? Paysenger will attract the attention of millions to the NFT technology which leads to market capitalization growth.

Influencers create popular content. Therefore, your communication with an influencer also costs money. After communication with a famous person, you can convert the content received into an NFT token and put it up for sale on our internal marketplace!

What for? Content from recognized experts and opinion leaders (artists, musicians, writers, bloggers) is an expensive product. In this way, we will ensure the usefulness of NFT tokens with the value and exclusivity of the content, which is converted into it.

Our product will attract famous people, bloggers and experts. Their huge audience will come to Paysenger then to our NFT marketplace. The benefits for the crypto community:

  • millions of new consumers will begin to master NFT;
  • lot of money will flood the market;
  • market capitalization will grow;
  • investors, entrepreneurs, traders, and other players of the crypto world will receive real benefits.


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EGO Token

EGO is an internal payment method of Paysenger. Each service on the platform can be paid with fiat money, as well as BNB, USD, or EGO tokens.

Paying for services with EGO is profitable. If you use the token, the platform’s commission will be significantly reduced. You can exchange EGO for cash on the platform through an integrated crypto-fiat exchanger at the current exchange rate of the token.

In addition, EGO is a good token for investment. Here’s why:

  • The token is provided by a real product, the Paysenger service;
  • EGO is a payment method of Paysenger and the internal NFT marketplace, which will grow after Paysenger growth. And it means that the turnover of EGO tokens will be increased.
  • The commission for the minting NFT will be paid only in EGO tokens.


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We have introduced three directions within the single EGO|Paysenger ecosystem.

1. Paysenger is a service for monetization of communication with experts, academics, influencers and opinion leaders. The solution for paid communication covers the real need of the audience and experts.

2. Internal NFT marketplace. The valuable and unique content will be created into Paysenger. By converting exclusive and valuable content into NFT, we will ensure the value of the NFT tokens and give a new start to the whole market.

3. EGO cryptocurrency is an internal payment method of Paysenger and the NFT marketplace. The value of the EGO token will be provided by the Paysenger service.

We have developed solutions that will ensure the token value and support its rate. We will tell you more soon!

About Paysenger

Paysenger — is a service that monetizes communication. Paysenger creates a new way of communication in a world with the fastest-growing relations and unchanged attention span.

Now you can attract attention to your message or call by paying for the recipient’s attention with a fiat or EGO token. It is getting much easier with Paysenger to contact a media person or get expert advice. A received media content can be converted into NFT (Non-fungible token). It can be saved or sold on the internal marketplace for EGO. Our goal is to transform the blockchain by making the technology easier to a large audience.

You can request communication with a favorite person by choosing a preferable format. Whether it is a chat, a conference, or just a video greeting. All these you can get on Paysenger.

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