LandOrc dApp Completes Staking in Two Projects

LandOrc is bridging the world of real estate and property development with the digital world of decentralized finance. It derives its names from Oracles, the technology that allows for bringing off-chain data on-chain, connecting the metaverse to the real world.

The business focus of LandOrc offers tokenized lending with land collateral available via NFT of land title. The funding gap from property developers in high interest market segments is estimated at USD 500 billion per annum. The reduction of real estate lending exposure by banks and debt funds and the recent pandemic has increased this funding gap further.

LandOrc has an operating dApp with a portfolio of projects that are already available for staking. The consistent and guaranteed returns delivered via smart contracts provides an assured staking reward to lenders. This is in sharp contrast to most projects that launch with just a whitepaper. The land title is linked to off-chain data like valuation, vicinity analysis and visuals via an IPFS (Interplanetary File System) database.

The markets that LandOrc has focused in the immediate term are India, with a real estate industry estimated to grow to USD 1 trillion and Australia sized at USD 8 trillion. LandOrc has an existing business operation via its subsidiary in India and is in process for rolling out the same in Australia thus ensuring it is well positioned to scale.

The initial two property projects with aggressive APR available on the LandOrc dApp completed raising the entire staking target within 10 days and a portfolio of projects is scheduled to follow-thru.

LORC tokens with only 21 million pre-minted is the sole means for staking on the dApp. With aggressive staking rewards of upto 20% APR (annual percentage rate) LORC token price is expected to grow higher. Dividend discount model estimates based on staking rewards estimate the price of the token to grow at least by three times in the immediate term.

LandOrc’s existing business operations and high potential that has got the interest of investors. It has listed on two exchanges – Bitforex and Coinsbit within just one week. Cumulatively both the exchanges have a USD 900 million trading activity based on last 24 hour, offering a high liquidity to investors.

LandOrc’s future growth plans include the licensing of its NFT technology for land titles management. A very unique use case from most other NFT projects that are purely focused on entertainment. This NFT application for land titles is relevant to the growing proptech sector globally, which have seen investments to the tune of USD 85 billion in the recent years. Proptech players from Americas and Asia are currently in discussion for licensing opportunities with LandOrc.

With an operating business delivering consistent returns and a focus on the large real estate markets with consistent growth makes LandOrc a strong component for any DeFi investor’s portfolio. LandOrc provides both growth and a hedge against volatility of the crypto markets. Unlike the multiple meme coins or entertainment linked NFT businesses, the LandOrc business models taps into the USD 10 trillion per annum real estate industry that fulfils a core human need and will remain in demand in the coming future irrespective of any downturn in the crypto markets.