HeroesTD – Build Your Decks, Create Your World

Along with the unstoppable development of blockchain technology and the NFT gaming industry, Vietnam game developers have expressed their ambition to conquer the crypto world. Famous NFT games like Axie Infinity and Thetan Arena showed that the Vietnam gaming industry would not be left behind.

Inspired by Axie Infinity, the CG Studio has nurtured the ideas and created HeroesTD – a brand new collectible tower defense strategy game built on Heroes Metaverse.

1. Heroes Metaverse – A whole new universe

The CG Studio team has built up a whole mysterious, mesmerizing universe called Aeon Disk, with a whole story behind it. The Aeon Disk consists of two Lands – Cloud Spire and Eden, has changed into a land called The Shattered World after years of infighting and destruction.

The CG Studio team has successfully written down a magnetizing tale about the endless struggles of power between The High Class and The Low Class. Playing HeroesTD, not only could players enjoy the thrilling gameplay but also explore the hidden plot.

2. Heroes TD – Free to play! Play to earn!

Unlike other games in the NFT industry, which require players to invest much money before truly start playing the games, HeroesTD offers many different ways to enjoy the game.

Players could build their own Heroes deck with Basic Heroes given at the beginning to join low-level PvP Arena fights and complete tasks to win CGC. However, HeroesTD will not sell CGC tokens directly nor provide any liquidity for them.

Another way to play HeroesTD when players don’t have enough tokens is to play in the Warlord & Commander system.

Heroes TD has shown its flexibility in gameplay and earning system, which its predecessors rarely have.

3. Road Map

CG Studio Team has announced a detailed plan for HeroesTD in the future, which can be summarized in the road map below.

4. Conclusion

As Blockchain is getting more and more mature, the HeroesTD team has also applied it to mobile platforms, especially games, with a unique approach, becoming a pioneer in creating a new exciting, and challenging worldwide market. HeroesTD promises not only to bring a simple entertainment game but also to make a difference in the Vietnam gaming industry.