Hanazawa Kana NFT, the first even audio NFT from the star, is sold out

According to UneMeta’s official website data, the first audio NFT collection from Japanese voice actress and singer Hanazawa Kana is sold out, with a total of 4,012 sold and a floor price of 0.07 ETH. The number of unique holder addresses accounted for 57%.

Hanazawa Kana‘s audio NFT collection was minted on UneMeta Launchpad . Each NFT is in MP4 format and comes with an animated image of Hanazawa Kana. There are 5 different versions of the audio. UneMeta and Hanazawa Kana will bring a series of special benefits to NFT holders and fans.

UneMeta is an all in one Japanese culture rooted NFT marketplace, aiming to create higher quality experience with NFT to everyone. UneMeta offers launchpad and marketplace service, linking web2 and web3 for IPs and Icons. UneMeta is backed by Japan’s biggest blockchain platform JASMY. Other sponsors include Consensus Lab, K24 Ventures.