iToken marks 4th anniversary with special events for users

To commemorate iToken’s 4th anniversary, a series of celebratory events for users will take place. These include exclusive airdrops, including a limited series 28-piece NFT collection named “Friends 4ever”, VIP perks and early access to new features.

Professional, safe and compatible with many tokens, iToken is an app-based non-custodial wallet that leverages Huobi Global’s blockchain expertise to provide users with convenient and reliable virtual assets management services.

The blockchain boom and the myriad of virtual assets that appeared in the market have invariably led to the question of which wallets are most ideal for the secure management of users’ assets.

A new user may ask: how do virtual asset wallets assist in the safeguarding of a user’s assets? With a large number of virtual asset wallets available in the market, how should users go about selecting one that is aligned with their needs?

Virtual asset wallets keep a user’s assets safe yet accessible. The wallets themselves do not store virtual assets, but instead store the private keys to these assets, which function to prove ownership and allow for transactions to be conducted. The loss of private keys would mean losing access to the virtual assets; hence, selecting a trusted wallet provider is a critical priority.

Virtual asset wallets come in various forms. These could include:

  • Paper wallets, where keys are written on a piece of paper and stored in a safe location
  • Hardware wallets, where keys are stored in a thumb drive-like USB device and users only connect the device to their computers when they wish to access their virtual assets
  • Online wallets, where keys are stored in the cloud and usually accessible via a mobile app

Each wallet type comes with its pros and cons. While paper and hardware wallets are purportedly more secure due to their offline nature, they risk physical loss or destruction. Online wallets, meanwhile, allow for a plethora of functions that can contribute to a user’s experience with virtual assets.

Users seeking a suitable online wallet to adopt should consider factors such as the level of security, number and type of tokens supported, and value-added services offered.

Embracing Web3 and DeFi

The dawn of the Web3 age has given online wallet providers the opportunity to set themselves apart by offering value-added services to users. Online, cloud-based wallets, such as iToken, need not simply function as custodians for private keys – they can, instead, stand out by providing additional Web3-linked services to enhance users’ journey into this emerging and exciting space.

As a decentralized, multi-coin light wallet that leverages Huobi Group’s technical prowess and security expertise in the blockchain industry, iToken guarantees the security of the virtual assets on all fronts. Users have full custody over their private keys and can be reassured of best-in-class asset protection, as iToken is subject to strict audits both internally and externally. In addition to regular internal security audits, the wallet is also regularly audited by leading auditing firms. A $100 million security reserve can be tapped upon in the event of an unlikely security breach. To date, iToken has not suffered from any breaches since its inception in 2018.

iToken prides itself on providing users with safe and reliable virtual asset management services. With the support of multiple chains, virtual assets and NFTs, users can easily enjoy the convenience of a one-stop virtual asset management platform.

Users can track the real-time status of DeFi projects at any given time on iToken, due to the platform’s information aggregator, covering the NFT and GameFi fields, among others. The iToken platform allows users to check a DeFi project’s asset ranking based on trading volume — the status of more than 400 dApps can be tracked, including popular ones such as Uniswap, Aavx, Dydx and Pancake. On the NFT front, users can access data from leading NFT trading platforms from within the mobile app.


Since its launch in 2018, iToken has made remarkable progress in the online wallet space.

In addition to having had no security incidents to date, iToken’s support for more than 30 blockchain networks (including BTC, ETH, ETX, Polygon, Solana and HECO) and more than 100,000 virtual assets has led to its adoption by more than 10 million users across 150 countries and regions worldwide.

A positive user experience is guaranteed with iToken, due to its support for multiple fiat currencies, which facilitates users’ purchase of virtual assets. Furthermore, the straightforward cross-chain conversion function within the platform ensures a fuss-free asset management experience for users.

iToken was awarded the Red Dot Design Award in August 2022, in recognition of its superior user interface. October 2022 will welcome the launch of an all-new iToken, with a simplified home page and revamped color scheme.

The roadmap for iToken includes adding support for up-and-coming blockchains such as Arbitrum, Aptos, Near and Sui. Users can also look forward to the launch of financial management services such as interest-earning deposit products.

The blockchain space is ever-changing, and iToken is constantly innovating in its quest to be the online wallet of choice for discerning users.