How the Invention of the Alphabet Usurped Female Power

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Of all the sacred cows allowed to roam unimpeded in our culture, few are as revered as literacy. Its benefits have been so incontestable that in the five millennia since the advent of the written word numerous poets and writers have extolled its virtues.

Preserving your work

They coexist as two closely overlapping bell-shaped curves with no feature superior to its reciprocal.

Copyright Andrea Manzati
Copyright Andrea Manzati

Who studied German literature, German literature is, who is studying medicine, is doctor who studies physics is physics, but who studied philosophy, this will by no philosopher.

But I would say that the study of philosophy according to specialization may be an ideal preparation for the Informationsachitekten. For philosophy teaches one to work on and to the order of the terms.

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Every individual is generously endowed with all the features of both.


Anthropological studies of non-literate agricultural societies show that, for the majority, relations between men and women have been more egalitarian than in more developed societies.

Recording and reflecting

Intuitiveness can be broken down into a sort of ladder, or a cake with three layers: legibility at the top, metaphor in the middle, and skills at the bottom. By way of example, the concept of scrolling (which we hardly give any thought to) relies on all of them:

  1. Brain dominance devices seem to be similar to the Web, because they seem to have a similar issue.
  2. The average word length shrinks. And that is very good.
  3. Talented artists are for watching and playing, the Internet is to communicate.

The very concept of “brain dominance” is presently under scrutiny, as many dyslexics are talented artists, architects, musicians, composers, dancers, and surgeons.