EverEarn Expanding to Ethereum Blockchain With $USDC Stablecoin Rewards

It’s no secret to anyone that the past several months have been some of the worst performing markets in virtually every sector, thanks to the macroeconomic effects of high inflation around the world, alongside global uncertainty.

The EverEarn team however has spent this time planning their next steps and getting ready for expansion; which is happening now!

The EverEarn token ($EARN) launched on the BNB Chain in January 2022 with a simple goal; to show that a new startup cryptocurrency can be run like a business from the beginning, without any false hype or empty promises, while providing increased passive stablecoin ($BUSD) payouts, and continue to grow, evolve, and expand.

EverEarn Expansion

Despite the economic downtrend for the past 8 months, EverEarn has paid out over $2 million in $BUSD stablecoin back to holders and is now expanding to the Ethereum blockchain. The team has maintained daily community voice chats since launch, and provides a monthly community address, which gives everyone a clear picture of the activities for the current month, as well as the month ahead. The EverEarn team is now bringing this community mentality and commitment to the Ethereum blockchain, and is doing so in a big way.

Explosive Launch for Ethereum

The EverEarn team has amassed over a dozen social media influencers with more than 605,000 followers to help spread the news that they are expanding. They’ve also formed marketing and development partnerships with EY Studios, Brave Browser,, ‘Rug Free Coins’, ‘Mike Tha Investor’, and ‘Mobile Tradez’. In total, marketing and advertising is being pushed out to millions of crypto-investors ahead of the EverEarn Public Whitelist Presale happening on Nov. 9, 2022. And that’s just the beginning.

Stablecoin Rewards on Multiple Blockchains

With the launch on Ethereum (and launch on Polygon in December 2022), EverEarn will be providing holders with high ratio stablecoin rewards across multiple blockchains:

  • 15% tokenomics tax on buy/sell transactions
  • 11% returned as $BUSD/$USDC stablecoin
  • 1% auto-liquidity
  • 1% buyback (for deflationary token burns)
  • 2% marketing

All project wallets are blacklisted within the solidity contract, and all future-use tokens are locked within trusted 3rd party launchpad platforms.

During the first 4 weeks of the $EARN ETH launch, ‘diamond hand holders’ (those who do not sell), will earn a chance to split all the stablecoin ($BUSD/$USDC) amassed within promotion wallets specifically meant to reward those who hold long term.

Public Whitelist Presale Registration:

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