The “CryptoGodFather” Company

A community of blockchain specialists, freelancers, startup teams and investors specializing in building web3 startups.

The company was founded by CEO Dmitry Kotov in 2020. The simplicity of the approach to creating crypto-projects and the possibility for an ordinary user without special knowledge to open his startups in this field, allowed the company to establish itself and develop successfully. The success lies in the innovative approach to MVP implementation in the Web3 segment as the main focus of the company.

What web3 projects you will be able to realize:

  • Creating a marketplace using your own cryptocurrency
  • Organization of a cryptocurrency fund and an investor cabinet
  • Creation of own cryptocurrency exchange
  • Blockchain projects – creating your own cryptocurrency wallet


In addition to the realization of his startup, the platform also has a freelance market, where you can find professionals in various fields, from lawyers and programmers to qualified marketers to work in their web3 project. Also, if you are a freelancer, this platform will find the best clients from different areas.

One of the distinguishing features of this project – it has its own decentralized, cryptocurrency exchange where you can develop your projects and of course earn money.

What makes this company different from others is that you don’t have to be a proffesional and have a plan to realize your startup. You can apply to CryptoGodFather with an idea and an initial draft of your crypto project. The specialists will listen to you attentively and together with you will start to work on the creation of your future Web3 project.

In conclusion it can be said that CryptoGodFather is a combination of professionalism of the project team and convenience for ordinary users. And it is not surprising after all at the sources of the given company stands Dmitry Kotov. Dmitry is a specialist in decentralized technologies, web3, blockchain and cryptocurrencies, as well as the CEO and founder of Cryptoconsulting.