PeepsPay is the “light at the end of the tunnel” for Charities, Fundraising and Blockchain Technology

The People’s Coin announced the launch of their long-awaited & highly anticipated endeavor PeepsPay, the second token launched in their ecosystem. PeepsPay will work harmoniously with the project’s primary token, PEEPS, which has already garnered National News attention and acclaim. Because of PeepsPay’s unique design to interact directly with PEEPS, this provides a much-welcomed solution for scalability and faster transaction speeds for The People’s Coin ecosystem.

Not only does PeepsPay feature an incredible 6% reward, distributed in Ethereum, to all holders from each transaction, but it also can be earned as a reward for Staking PEEPS (locking up for a predetermined amount of time) within the ecosystem itself. This is a massive benefit to holding both and earning double the rewards; truly making this the perfect solution to complement PEEPS in the Charitable Giving & Fundraising space!

Major advantages & benefits of PEEPS & PeepsPay

  • 6% of all PeepsPay transactions are re-distributed to all holders, proportionally, directly in the form of Ethereum; creating the ability for holders to realize profits without the need to sell PeepsPay.
  • The Ethereum rewards earned PeepsPay’s trading volume will continuously trigger buy-backs of PEEPS.

Staking PEEPS has several massive advantages in itself

  • Staked tokens are removed from circulation, for the time Staked, creating an incredible supply crunch and increased buying pressure.
  • Staked PEEPS provide PeepsPay in return, which benefits holders two-fold; from the intrinsic value of PeepsPay tokens and the Ethereum rewards that are re-distributed to all holders from transactions.
  • *Staking PEEPS prior to the launch of PeepsPay will also provide an airdrop in PeepsPay, equivalent to 10% of the amount of PEEPS staked. This is an incredible advantage because this will be a transaction that’s non-taxed, no gas fee paid by the holder, and first-block pricing! Not to mention, the amount of PeepsPay airdropped will accrue Ethereum rewards from the moment of launch!