Iconic Mexican Artist Valfre Highlights The Power of Her Community With The Launch Of VALFRÉLANDIA

Multidisciplinary artist known for her frenzied followers enters web3 with a PFP collection emphasizing the capabilities of art and providing tangible value for her fans.

The web3 space is rapidly expanding, but true growth comes from high-caliber work and diversity among participants. That is exactly what Ilse Valfré and her company Valfré are primed to do, as they take a confident leap into their newest world Valfrélandia with her legion of over 1 million followers.

As a young woman growing up in Tijuana, Valfré built her practice and eventual career as an artist at the beginning of the web2 movement on Tumblr where she began sharing her drawings. Upon building a following, she brought art into the online space long before the mainstream recognition of digital art, and monetized it with an empire of lifestyle products including clothing, ceramics, prints, and more, always adding value for her fanbase along the way.

Over the years, Valfré has proved time and again that her work resonates well beyond a glance. Having used her characters to create a successful lifestyle brand including clothing, ceramics, prints, and more, she has built an empire of fiercely loyal fans who feel deeply connected to her powerful feminine characters. As a Mexican woman artist, her work speaks to millions of young women searching for representation and a strong voice, making her work incredibly relatable. Now, as she takes the leap into the world of NFTs, she is once again prioritizing her ever-growing fanbase.

Following the great success of her first NFT drop on Nifty Gateway,“I Love Lucy,” she has been working around the clock and is excited to bring VALFRÉLANDIA to life. VALFRÉLANDIA is a collection of 10,000 unique NFTs that feature 15 of Valfré’s signature character types with over 500 hand-drawn traits, making the possibilities vast and ensuring rarities within the collection.

Holders of this NFT will not only get the artwork itself, but will be given the metaphorical key to an entirely new universe. With the purchase of a Valfrelandia NFT you will receive the following:

  • Exclusive Community Merch 
  • Valfrelandia Member NFT & Physical Giveaways 
  • Limited Edition Collectibles, signed prints and fine art
  • Discounts at & Networks of Partners 
  • Invites to IRL Art Shows & Immersive Experiences 
  • Access to community only discord channels and discussions 
  • Voting Rights for Upcoming Initiatives 
  • Special Artist & Brand Collabs


This drop is just the beginning, establishing characters and serving as a jumping off point for animation, art installations, immersive experiences, and an exclusive offering of physical collectibles. To ensure that the community-based nature remains, 5% of all proceeds generated from the NFT program will be placed in the Valfré Community Bank and used to fund charity projects that are decided on amongst members. The sky’s the limit with music, art, and culture innovations on their way!

For the first time, the Valfré-verse will be united by more than just a shared love of Ilse’s work, but an ever-evolving digital world with seemingly endless possibilities. Welcome to VALFRÉLANDIA.