DeNet, a Decentralized Storage Platform, Will Reduce Operational Costs by up to 300% with Polygon Technology

DeNet, Decentralized Storage Platform will be supporting Polygon protocol in its version to be launched in upcoming mainnet. Polygon’s solution allows to significantly reduce the price of transactions in the Ethereum blockchain, by up to 300% on average.

Polygon is a protocol and a framework for building and connecting Ethereum-compatible blockchain networks. Since we are using the computers, that are mostly already on, our carbon foot-print will be rather small.

“The use of Polygon protocol will allow DeNet platform to become not only one of the most secure and safe in the market of information storage. Polygon will allow us to be also one of the most affordable solutions! Storage market is rather competitive – in every walk of life you need to store information, and price really matters.

Besides, since we are using the computers, that are mostly already on, the damage to the environment is really insignificant. For our miners it is a very simple way of making money: all they have to do is just join the platform and generate cash with the equipment they have, even very old computers will be suitable”, – commented Rafik Sinatullin, CEO and co-founder of DeNet.

DeNet is building ecosystem based on decentralized data storage. DeNet targets users who want to have the convenience of Google Drive-like experience, high data security of services like ProtonMail and DuckDuckGo, and affordable product price. DeNet is also a perfect solution for NFTs safely storage.