bitcci: The revolutionizing Swiss Blockchain is all set to launch its Initial Exchange Offering on March 1st

Overview about the company

bitcci is a Swiss blockchain corporation founded in 2017 by Christoph Elbert. It consists of a set of publicly traded firms. bitcci has established the standard for the escort industry by establishing an ecosystem that supports openness, innovation, and compliance.

As bitcci’s Initial Exchange Offerings are slated to be listed on major exchanges, they are a secure investment. bitcci Group AG is now preparing to launch the IEO on March 1, 2022. The IEO will be offered on ten cryptocurrency exchanges only. Coinsbit, Indoex, p2pb2b, Dextrade, and Finexbox are among the most powerful exchanges on the list. Additional exchanges will be announced in the near future. Additionally, all of these transfers are secure, which means that consumers need not worry about their information falling into the wrong hands.

Tokenizing the sex market

bitcci revolutionises the sex market by tokenizing it, and you will gain from it. The business has developed an ecosystem of nightclubs, portals, mobile applications, cloud services, and a blockchain-based payment system. Additionally, bitcci has expanded its offerings with the addition of new services such as They will broadcast cryptocurrency news on, keeping you informed about the cryptocurrency market. Additionally, the company has already placed 200 large street banners near Crypto Valley hotspots to entice potential investors.

The bitcci Group raised over $4 million in their initial coin offering (ICO) in 2021 and now has over 2,900 token holders. The company is developing a whole new sex market for the future generation, based on a worldwide blockchain environment. Their mission is to solve difficulties and to legalise, secure, and liberate the sex industry.

According to Mr. Karnav Shah, editor in chief of Cryptonaire Weekly, “after studying the project since its inception, bitcci has demonstrated the ability to become a big participant in the cryptocurrency sector.” By tokenizing and increasing transparency, the bitcci project is also making strides toward standardising nightclubs and improving the lives of sex workers. Because the company intends to conduct an IEO, I strongly encourage you to participate. Regarding project advancements, I will ensure that my readers are kept informed.“

Mechanism of bitcci cash token

The smart contract for the bitcci currency token can be utilized in the following ways:

  • Capping- This term refers to the fact that the bitcci currency token will never exceed its maximum supply.
  • Burning- Tokens can be destroyed to limit their supply. bitcci will lower the token’s supply and boost its value through the purchase and burning of bitcci currency tokens.
  • Pausing- bitcci currency tokens feature poseable smart contracts that enable bitcci to suspend all token transactions when the token is paused. Thus, hackers will be unable to withdraw funds from an exchange’s centralized hot/cold wallet, thereby securing the ecosystem;
  • Blacklisting- Suspicious ETH addresses will be blacklisted.

Usage of bitcci cash token

The following uses are permitted for the bitcci currency tokens:

  • Fees for access to restaurants and bars, as well as premium services at bitcci Nightclubs;
  • Advertisements, images, movies, and real-time conversation via bitcci Apps and Portal;
  • At bitcci Systems, we offer licenses, information technology services, online traffic, and other premium services.
  • bitcci Agency and TV provide advertising, consultancy, and analysis services.

What is the USP of bitcci?

Conflicts in the sex industry are eradicated with bitcci, and a new, modern culture of acceptance, transparency, trust, and freedom is developed. It optimizes, controls, and decentralizes the whole sector, employing cutting-edge technologies to make it free and secure for all players.

Signed-up sex workers will be allowed to sell services abroad after receiving a global identity using a forensic KYC and ID verification system called Sex workers will be able to promote their services via the app, providing them the opportunity to meet worldwide consumers; the business also intends to launch the “bitcci nightclub network.”

A network of high-end nightclubs in hotspots around the world. The “bitcci Building AG,” a soon-to-be-established public stock company, will purchase 10 plots of land in Europe in 2022; bitcci does not support any third-party services, as stated in its legal announcement. As part of the ICO, bitcci issues a token indicating its liability as a service provider for the platform’s services; bitcci is successfully resolving sex industry conflicts and challenges by introducing an electronic payment platform, into which the bitcci cash token is fully integrated; bitcci IT platform will assist the workflow via a central club management system. Its services include registering sex workers with authorities, personnel planning, and administration of web portals.

The launch of the IEO on 1st March 2022

On March 1, 2022, bitcci Group AG plans to launch its Initial Exchange Offering (IEO). Exclusively on 10 exchanges will be the IEO. Coinsbit, Indoex, p2pb2b, Dextrade, and Finexbox are the most powerful exchanges on the list. More updates related to bitcci will be announced soon.

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