Bee Mortgage App Passes 1K Downloads and Partners With Elphi And Wefunder

Bee Mortgage App, the first app built for an exclusive mobile mortgage experience, passed 1,000+ downloads and has partnered with Elphi, a mortgage technology provider, and Wefunder, the largest crowdfunding portal in America. Elphi will engineer the fully automated pre-approvals for home buyers using Bee Mortgage App, and Bee is actively raising capital for their Seed round on Wefunder.

“The Elphi team is the best in the business and not brainwashed in the old way of thinking which is preventing the industry from innovating in the mobile space and producing a bonafide mobile mortgage experience,” Bee Co-founder and COO Cynthia Wood said. “There’s no better software engineers in the world needed to bring our mobile mortgage vision to life in order to serve the largest group of home buyers, young people, who love personal finance apps.”

In just a few short months Bee Mortgage App has organically received over 1,000 downloads and created excitement amongst its original investors. “We consistently receive positive affirmation that our product is filling a void in the mortgage marketspace,” CMO Kristin Scheurer stated. “With the announcement of our next seed round with Wefunder we anticipate our downloads to drastically increase thus creating more buzz and awareness around our brand.” 

After a successful Pre-seed round and the release of the first version of their app, the Bee team is advancing to a Seed round with almost $125,000 invested within the first 24 hours on Wefunder. This rapid contribution will fund the next stage of app development, fully automated pre-approvals, and continue the traction Bee Mortgage App has been achieving with over 1k downloads.