Cryptocurrencies Represented in Pop Culture: Marvel, Silicon Valley, and Billions

Cryptocurrencies are increasingly being represented in pop culture. TV shows, cartoons, and even entire networks are making reference to the coins — in particular Bitcoin — and associated technology like initial coin offerings (ICOs).

Marvel Comics

This week a new Marvel comic was released: Hunt for Wolverine – Adamantium Agenda #1. The comic, which can be viewed here, sees cryptocurrency being used instead of ‘a large briefcase of unmarked bills’ by characters who, presumably, are attempting to make a monetary deal with some undesirables.

HBO: Silicon Valley

HBO’s Silicon Valley is one of the TV shows that is making reference to cryptocurrencies. Season five of the hit show has a sort of central cryptocurrency theme. The season starts by hilariously using death metal band Napalm Death’s two-second long song ‘You Suffer’ as an alert for changing Bitcoin prices. Gilfoyle, the character who creates the alert, does so to keep tabs on Bitcoin prices in relation to mining efficiency, saying:

“Whenever the price of Bitcoin dips below a certain value it’s no longer efficient to mine. When it comes back up, it is. So I need to know when it breaks that threshold so that I can remotely toggle my [mining] rig at home.”

Later, the show sees Gilfoyle, again, promoting cryptocurrency as an ‘ideal form of money’ — a concept first proposed by Aristotle almost 2,500 years ago. To show his enthusiasm, Gilfoyle develops an entire presentation to convince his startup co-founder that they should launch their own cryptocurrency. Gilfoyle even comes up with a plans to hold an ICO as a way to raise funds for their PiedPiperCoin, which Gilfoyle claims ‘decentralizes the internet.’

Showtime: Billions

‘One million dollars straight in crypto, in cold storage,’ explains Billions star Damian Lewis — who plays Bobby ‘Axe’ Axelrod — while holding a Ledger Nano S in front of his face. In the scene, Axe is offering to pay a trader at his hedge fund $1 million in an unnamed cryptocurrency.

The show’s plot evolves around Axe using cryptocurrency to securely transfer money without being detected, after being banned from trading due to his antics deals on previous episodes. On said previous episodes, viewers see evidence of Axe hiding his secret Wall Street trading profits in crypto when he secretly meets his trading partner and remarks:

“You are now officially but unofficially the proud owner of half of my half of [the hedge fund’s] profits, paid in crypto of course.”


The cryptocurrency revolution isn’t just hitting specific TV shows, it also has entire networks interested. It was reported this past Monday, May 7, that cryptocurrency Youtuber Jason Appleton — known as Crypto Crow — has inked an agreement with CBS for a 13-episode cryptocurrency show that will air later this year (first) in New York markets as a test for popularity. The show could eventually be delivered to over 40 million homes via Roku. Also of note is that the project is being funded entirely by Bitcoin. The CBS announcement reads as follows:

“This will be the first time a cryptocurrency Youtuber has launched their own television series fully paid for by Bitcoin. All promotional sponsors, features and the like are paid by Bitcoin.”

Episodes of the Crypto Crow Show will be targeted at informing beginners about topics including cryptocurrencies, ICOs, mining, trading, and more:

“Each episode will feature educational information focused on helping newcomers to the crypto space such as researching, investing and how to stay secure in their efforts while featuring ICO and cryptocurrency companies and how they affect the industry,” the announcement explains.