Constellation Network’s free-to-attend HyDef virtual hybrid conference on August 6th features discussions on the latest Web3 innovations in advertising, the creator economy, IoT, and national defense

Constellation Network is holding its first-ever free-to-attend Web3 conference on Saturday, August 6, 2022, featuring a virtual hybrid format with several virtual panels combined with global watch parties and a live event in Los Angeles.

Constellation Network is a unique Web3 framework that allows everyone to build and conduct a business on the blockchain. The platform features a free, open-source infrastructure and a robust ecosystem of products, projects, and tools designed to help individuals and businesses succeed in the emerging stakeholder economy.

Constellation’s HyDef conference will deliver a jam-packed day of disruptive ideas and ground-breaking insights. Panel sessions cover the future of advertising, Web3 and IoT, the future of DeFi, Web3 and the creator economy, and blockchain and national defense. Panelists include musicians, founders, government contractors, DeFi specialists, and many others.

Several start-up blockchain businesses who participated in Constellation’s business accelerator, the Flight Program, have submitted short “pitch videos” and will compete with one another during the event for a surprise award. Conference attendees will vote online in real time for their favorite pitch, and the winner will be announced at the end of the conference.

Constellation’s CEO, Ben Jorgensen, will make several announcements on the progress of Constellation’s Hypergraph network and other key projects during the event.

“Our Mainnet is undergoing a massive upgrade soon, and so this is the perfect time for us to showcase our partners and progress. Moreover, I’m excited for the chance to bring the industry together in this unique format and share ideas and ways we can work together and build together,” says Altif Brown, Constellation co-founder, Head of Community, and conference organizer.

Sponsors and partners for the event include Alkimi, the world’s first decentralized ad exchange; Ashbury Legal, thoughtfully designed legal services and blockchain legal specialists; Curvance, increasing yields and liquidity through DeFi; Geojam, the ultimate social media platform for creators, brands and their communities; Helium, the people’s Wifi network; Node Army, a “nodes-as-a-service” provider for developing blockchain businesses; Sophinea, bringing clarity to data for mission-centric solutions; and Steadynamic, solving business problems with software solutions.

All attendees who register before August 6th and sign in on the day of the event are qualified for a chance to win one of several generous prizes, including:

  • 2x Dor Traffic Miners (DTMs), a data mining hardware device valued at $5,500 that provides daily $DAG crypto rewards
  • 2x awards of 25,000 $DAG crypto tokens (valued at approximately $2,000 each at the time of writing)
  • 2x awards of 1,500 $LTX crypto tokens (valued at approximately $800 each at the time of writing)
  • Additional surprise giveaways

Prizes will be awarded live during the event throughout the day.

To find out more about the event and register, visit our event site at