SugarBounce Protocol releases on-chain adult streaming dApp on Binance Smart Chain – SugarStreams

Talin, Estonia. The SugarBounce’s Protocol and Adult Streaming app is available for exclusive access on Binance Smart Chain!

It provides the foundational live video streaming and storage infrastructure along with other backend modules which enable complete decentralization for the ecosystem: a Live Video Streaming Network, a decentralized utility token, an advertisement network, a User Registry, and an indexing and search module.

SugarStream Network

SugarStream will provide HD live video streaming infrastructure that will work with all types of mobile devices. Our video player software will enable platform businesses to seamlessly connect content creators and viewers. With this video player, users will be able to join private shows and tip hosts, as well as subscribe to exclusive content.

Decentralized video streaming networks offer the following benefits:

  • As a reward for participating in the network, users are rewarded for sharing excess bandwidth and resources.
  • Streaming video with higher quality and smoothness – A decentralized peer-to-peer network delivers streams efficiently globally.

With Sugar Streams, you can watch the content of your choice anonymously and without regional restrictions, powered by a completely decentralized video streaming network. Similar to how miners earn Bitcoin, streaming nodes are able to earn $TIP.

Each content creator will have their own customized room. Creators will undergo a KYC process before becoming streamers on the platform. Viewers with ID will purchase our token, $TIP, with their ID. There is a wide range of creators’ rooms available for viewers to choose from. Viewers enter the room by paying a minimal fee decided by the content creator. Upon entering the room, viewers tip the creator in $TIP according to their liking or opt for a private show with pay-per-minute billing.

Ads on our platform will generate revenue, of which creators and hosts will also receive a percentage automatically. The top creators will be rewarded for bringing in the most traffic and revenue.

With their $TIP token at the heart of all transactions, the protocol is protecting the anonymity of our viewers and creators and fueling our growth exponentially.

Sugarstreams has already racked up 1,000 Unique users that have had exclusive access to try out the app, and with a 48.7% retention rate in just 3 weeks of the limited beta release!

The users that were awarded early access to Sugar Streams are our dedicated community members that have staked their $TIP tokens for multiple months that believe in the project as much as we do! For that, the protocol has granted them that status as VIP members, and given them the right to try things out first before pushing them out to the public.

However, if you’d like to get access without staking – that’s possible too! Here’s more info on that.

To find out how to get $TIP and learn to stake, follow our guide here!

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