ICONFi added BAND on its Staking Services, Introduces Auto Stake Feature to Band Protocol Communities

Recently ICONFi added the BAND token on its staking service. Band Protocol is a cross-chain data oracle platform that aggregates and connects real-world data and APIs to smart contracts. ICONFi has been receiving the price data of the coins and tokens without worrying about the Oracle problem.

Crypto Staking is a great way to increase the holders’ crypto assets and contribute to the decrease in the circulating supply – but still it is a bit difficult and annoying as the holders must claim the staking rewards manually by themselves. And for many “crypto newbies”, managing crypto wallets has been a huddle for using crypto services. In the meantime, ICONFi, the only Hybrid platform providing Crypto Fixed savings and Auto-staking services, supports users enjoy the services with the familiar ID and Passwords system and compound interests on both savings and Stakings, positioning itself an alternative to direct crypto trading.

ICONFI is planning to keep adding new Staking coins so that those staking coin holders around the globe can enjoy its unique Auto Stake Feature. Currently ICONFi is running an event to airdrop up to 10 BAND for users who use the Fixed savings for the first time or Stake BAND on ICONFi. It would be a good chance to try it.

Crypto has already become an investment alternative and “HODLers” never sell their coins. However, while holding Bitcoin for many years, if there’s no interest received from holding Bitcoin, it would be a huge amount of opportunity cost. But with ICOINFi, users can receive up to 11.67% (APR) compound interests on every Flexible and Fixed savings, 6 times a day. In addition, nearly every crypto savings platform has a tier system cutting down the interest rates based on how much users deposit except ICONFi – it is the only platform providing literally “Fixed” interest rates regardless of the deposit size.

ICONFi CEO Sean Kim said, “We want to make crypto finance services simple with ICONFi. Crypto can be easier and simpler so that more people can enjoy the higher interest rates of crypto finance services.” He added, “ICONFi plans to support more staking coins and tokens so that the holders can use Staking more easily and earn high fixed compound interests, helping ICONFi users focus more on their own lives rather than spend time and energy on crypto trading.”

The website has the interest calculator to see the details and expected interests on ICONFi savings accounts – it is always harmless to have more options, and ICONFi would be a good alternative if anyone understands the benefit of the compound interest system.