Here’s How GameSwift Is Pushing Web3 Gaming Into The Mainstream

Web3-based gaming is growing in popularity minute by minute with no less than six billion dollars invested in web3 gaming projects in the first half of 2022. Even so, there is a clear lack of a reliable solution for crypto gaming because gamers and major game publishers tend to be wary of Web3 games. GameSwift’s vision is to change the dynamic, create a platform to enjoy, develop, and build strong communities while onboarding the next million of players into the world of web3.

What’s there to know?

One of GameSwift’s defining aspects is that it will not be limited to a single gaming platform. The project has lofty goals, such as becoming an all-encompassing location for all Web3 gaming needs. Beginning with the platform, which will function similarly to its Web2-based forerunners of digital distribution in granting users easy and quick access to a comprehensive catalog of games, GameSwift will offer a wide range of tools and services for all Web3 gaming aficionados, which includes both players and builders.

Moreover, to help save valuable time and effort researching different gaming projects and finding relevant information, the GameSwift team will cherry-pick high-quality gaming projects and list them on the platform. Doing so eliminates the need to navigate multiple websites in order to find, download, and run a game. Essentially, GameSwift provides a platform for users to launch and test the games they find appealing within the app, allowing them to find quality projects that are easily accessible and therefore making the entire process more streamlined and quicker.

What kind of opportunities can GameSwift provide?

Apart from providing an innovative and memorable gaming experience, the Platform will also include investment opportunities. Users will be able to benefit from simple onboarding for INOs and IGOs on the GameSwift Platform while also utilizing the advanced SocialFi tools and services provided. In this way, GameSwift offers a unique experience which not only has something for everyone, but also actively contributes to the inevitable transition to Web3.

Moreover, the GameSwift team recognized the contemporary difficulties posed by the Web3 gaming environment, chief among which is the apparent absence of a decentralized and configurable gaming infrastructure. Web3 game developers are hence already working on projects that span a multitude of competing, non-interoperable blockchains. To support cross-chain interoperability and the continued growth of the Web3 gaming sector, a well-developed infrastructure will be required which is precisely why GameSwift introduces its specialized solutions that enable all users to use blockchain technology seamlessly. Wojciech Gruszka, CEO of GameSwift, says “The GameSwift ID is a flagship product that makes users feel comfortable navigating Web3”, which is one of the most important aspects when it comes to both gaming and Web3 in general.

Safe use of blockchain technology?

The GameSwift team recognizes the need to implement dependable security features which is why they are putting a well-known single sign-on solution on the blockchain. Users won’t have to jeopardize their security by storing multiple passwords or seed phrases as they only need one account and one set of credentials to launch multiple dApps (decentralized applications) and games as well as access all of their digital assets with GameSwift ID.

This increases personal security while reducing the entry barrier for crypto newcomers. The team wants users to consider the possibility of signing into their favorite game using a single account, such as Google or Apple ID, rather than multiple wallets, chains, and networks. Not only is this more effective, but it is in fact the only solution of its kind presently available on the crypto market.

Is it easy to use?

It is important to note that the GameSwift ID will be much more than a quick way to sign in. After logging in to the platform, users will get to browse through numerous projects and create their own gaming profiles to monitor their game achievements and statistics as well as compare them to other gamers. All of this without having to perform multiple complex actions, master cross-chain transfers, or switch between wallets.

Due to its simplicity, GameSwift ID thus serves as an entry point into the Web3 world for users who may be new to crypto.

Furthermore, GameSwift is incorporating a built-in wallet as part of the ID functionality, which can be connected to other major Web3 wallets such as MetaMask, WalletConnect, Trust Wallet, or Phantom. The team also intends to expand the wallet’s availability beyond EVM-compatible chains such as Solana and Near.

Additionally, developers won’t need to learn any blockchain-specific programming languages to deploy their apps, enabling them to concentrate entirely on producing the best possible product. This is all thanks to GameSwift SDK. Whether they write in Python, Java or C#, GameSwift offers a distinctive set of tools for all developers interested in developing high-quality blockchain-based projects.

If you’d like to participate in empowering the next generation of web3 games and are a passionate creator who aims to bring to life an immersive web3-based gaming adventure, the applications are now open. Fill in the application form here to launch your game with GameSwift!

About GameSwift

GameSwift is a game-changing product that is reshaping the entire Web3 gaming industry. As a decentralized and community-driven ecosystem, it provides all of the elements required to create a true Web3 gaming empire.

The four well-designed and integrated pillars of the GameSwift ecosystem are Chain, Web3 Infrastructure, Platform, and Gaming Studio. Also, GameSwift’s unique infrastructure enables game developers to cleverly implement blockchain technology and share in-game resources while allowing players to fully enjoy their gaming experience.

GameSwift is hence best defined as a 360-degree platform for game developers and gaming studios, offering all of the tools required to launch Web2 games into the Web3 environment, as well as a space for dedicated gamers who wish to participate in the burgeoning crypto industry and become a part of Web3.

Lastly, the list of GameSwift products appears to be endless, but the important thing to note is that they are all focused on providing the best possible user experience while enticing traditional gamers to try out Web3 games. With such a vision in mind, the GameSwift team is working hard to deliver the promised tools, and it appears that the first products will be released sooner than expected. CEO Wojciech Gruszka says there will not be a need to wait until 2023 for the crypto and blockchain community to take its first look at the GameSwift Platform.

Visit the official website and the Twitter, Telegram and Discord channels for more information.