ECO Cashew is set to close a 23.5 Million Euro Multi-year Cashew off-take agreement with a major European Food Group while preparing for their ISPO event

The need for projects with real-life use cases has been a major topic for discussion in the blockchain ecosystem. This is because these projects can directly impact lives, change the narrative around cryptocurrencies and massively drive their adoption among everyday people.

More than ever, we’ve seen an increase in the number of these projects, each focused on improving different aspects of human experiences using blockchain technology and cryptocurrency as a tool. An example of such is EcoCashew, a fast-rising project combining the world of charity, blockchain, and mechanization to impact the life of Cashew farmers in Africa.

In recent news, the project announced its 23.5 Million Euro partnership agreement with a major European food group in the pipeline. This is a big step as every cause, no matter how noble, requires the right partnership to achieve true success, and Eco Cashew is evidently on its way to success with the partnership agreement in the works.

What is EcoCashew?

EcoCashew is an innovative project using asset-backed CashewF tokens and blockchain technology to enable West African cashew producers to receive fair trade prices and earn an honest livelihood.

The project intends to build a processing facility in West Africa, where 50% of world’s Cashews are cultivated so as to process farm products locally rather than sending them to Asia as has become customary. Through this manufacturing facility, they will be able to reduce the cost of round-trip transportation, which will be diverted to increasing the farmers’ revenue, pay token holders, and provide locals with stable employment opportunities.

Also, to achieve this goal, EcoCashew has created CashewF and Cashew tokens, which are cryptocurrency coins on the Cardano network. These tokens provide everyone the chance to take part in a worthy cause and earn APY on their token holdings.

The project is led by Mr. Ronald Buijk, with over 25 years of experience in West Africa and an understanding of the region’s dynamics in order to effectively execute a cashew processing factory in the region. The initiative is focused on attaining the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals using their own dynamic approach.

Why should anyone be a CashewF token holder?

The CashewF token gives a dual opportunity to every investor. A chance to do good and an opportunity to enjoy massive profit on investment. Currently, to raise money for the manufacturing facility, EcoCashew is selling the first 7 Million CashewF coins at an enormous discount. This presents an opportunity for investors to get in early and enjoy early supporters’ benefits at a meager cost.

For instance, the EcoCashew structure provides a 24 months reward program where every holder of 1000 CashewF tokens or more enjoys 12% APY, i.e., 1% nominal profits monthly from the moment of activation of the factory. These earnings will be automatically remitted to all ADA wallets like Eternl, Yoroi, Nami, etc., where the owners have total control over their ADA and other tokens like CashewF.

EcoCashew is reinventing cashew processing in Africa while changing the narrative for farmers and returning cryptocurrency income back to investors. Simply revolutionary.

EcoCashew ISPO and how to participate.

ISPO is a crypto acronym that stands for initial stake pool offering. It is a novel technique for crypto fundraising and was first launched on the Cardano blockchain.

In recent news, EcoCashew announced its ISPO event scheduled to take place on the 9th of July alongside the different highly trusted stake pools which will be participating in the EcoCashew ISPO. This will enable them to reach, collaborate and engage more Cardano crypto community.

These staking pools include [AAA] AAA Stakelovelace, [APEX] Apex Cardano Pool, [OYSTR] Oyster Pool, [VENUS] Fresco Pool, [ZEBRA] Zebra Staking.

The event set for the 9th of July will run for 7 Epochs, with each Epoch providing access to 50,000 CashewF tokens (5% of 10 Million). This will total 350,000 CashewF tokens airdropped over the 7 Epoch duration.

To be eligible to receive your CashewF through the Vending Machine, join the Staking Pools by delegating your  ADA in your private Cardano wallet today to one of ISPO pools listed above.

Future plans and Projections.

The EcoCashew project is highly driven and focused on achieving their goals with various projections on what is to come. One of the plans ahead is the integration of limited edition NFTs with the SDGs as the topics. This will be awarded to ISPO participants who allocate at least 500 Cardano – ADA during the course of the EcoCashew ISPO 7 epochs.

Additionally, a distributor in Europe who wants to purchase as many cashews as possible from the Future EcoCashew Fair Trade factory in West Africa is about to sign a three-year, $24 million contract with them because they believe it to be a wise and sustainable course of action that merits their support.

Indeed, the EcoCashew project is a highly innovative and novel solution solving real life problems for everyday people in Africa while benefiting others from every region of the world.

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